This ‘Hunza Wali Baji’ Has Taken The Internet By Storm And Pakistanis Are Having A Good Laugh!

Social media has taken over our lives within a short span of time. Opportunities are created, different career options have emerged, and a lot of other possibilities are now existing because of it. The internet has made the impossible, possible for the human race as anyone can be anything these days. From selling something online to create your own enterprise, everything can happen with just a click.

Going with the flow, many content creators carrying different perspectives in their minds stepped up their technological game and made it big in the virtual world. Many people in Pakistan started off with a team while many achieved it individually. Famous YouTubers like Irfan Junejo, Mooroo, Junaid Akram, etc. have their own identities while viners like Bekaar Films, The Idiotz, Karachi Vines, etc. are entertaining their viewers with a whole team behind.

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Survival isn’t easy now, you gotta make your own place.

These days the competition is so high that it has become nearly impossible for the newcomers to stand out. Among several famous content creators, some time back, a hilarious video of a lady went viral on social platforms. Later on, her Instagram was discovered and her other videos came upfront because of which she got a bunch of followers too.

Commonly known by the name ‘Baji Bombastic’, this lady seems to be adventurous and a keen traveler. Most of her videos are made in the northern areas of Pakistan where she is seen doing unusual things but not that unusual, samjhay? Recently, our Baji caught everyone’s attention while she was in Gilgit Baltistan. Kinda stuttering while speaking in English, Baji is way too damn cute. You won’t be able to control your laugh. Check out the suffering video below!

I love safaring, may you all safar, Baji said!

Hunza is love and Ignore baji ki English if you can. ???

Posted by Akbar Tweets on Monday, June 3, 2019

Along with it, another Baji video went viral and Oh God! baji ab bs kr jayen. Cheers to our Baji who shares her travelling experience with us and make our day. Several other videos were also made by her on different occasions like she made a video on Valentines Day asking her viewers to not celebrate it in a funny way. Watch Baji petting a cement goat on her trip and have a great laugh!

Baji is not happy with her new pet because wo talk nai kr rha!

Baji once again ?.. Instagram

Posted by HUNZA on Sunday, June 2, 2019

Lol! Baji just keep making these type of videos and keep entertaining us. We genuinely hope that the goat someday talks back to you.

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