Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park’s High Ticket Prices Cause An Uproar!

Bahria Town Adventure land high ticket prices

The grass turned out to be not so green on the other side and completely fake. This is the situation of most of the marketing campaigns these days; sensationalized, blown way out of proportion and oftentimes, just false advertising.

Once the crowd is lured in, the ice finally breaks and reality sets in – resulting in disappointment and an equal if not more, resentment towards the brand that failed to deliver as promised. These are the sentiments people have towards Karachi’s Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park!

Bahria Town Theme Park Karachi

Via Bahria

Bahria’s Theme Park tickets turned out to be costly!

They are charging 4000 pkr for adults and a whopping 3000 for children. A man took his grievances to Facebook and showed what Bahria pulled off. However, it is being said that the prices were disclosed beforehand.

In the video, many families stand outside the gates almost dumbfounded. Apparently, people are under the impression that the prices are meant to filter out the ‘unwanted crowd’ and welcome the elites that can actually afford this theme park; which according to the stats aren’t that many in this country.

Bahria Town Theme Park Karachi

The man continues on to expose their false announcements of the theme park available for all families at commercialized rates. Clearly, the ground realities turned out to be bitter and less glamorous as portrayed in the videos for him.

Here’s the video of the promised land.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is the cameraman, who like many others drove miles with his family of three members, only to find his total entrance ticket costing him 11,000 rupees. The food needs to be purchased separately and the choices are quite limited. 

Bahria Town Just Pranked Karachi People===============They wanted 11,000 PKR for just entry and rides from my family…

Gepostet von Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai am Sonntag, 3. November 2019

It’s heartbreaking to see so many families just stand outside after finding out they simply cannot afford to take their children inside for a few rides and a good time. Moreover, one can actually agree with Mustafa to some extent that Bahria Adventure Land is solely for the elite and the rich of this country. This actually translates well into the high prices of this adventure park’s tickets.

However, there is a catch to all this that one cannot simply overlook. The rides are of international standard providing security and high-quality experience. Their maintenance, power cost, and so many other factors add up to a large amount that actually justifies the ticket pricing.

Here’s all this place has to offer!

Yes, this is no Disney Land either but hopefully, the management brings the rates couple of notches down. Otherwise, it’ll be an empty adventure land with few wealthy families here and there taking the rides.

Here’s what the people had to say about this:

This user states that the average Pakistani crowd would have ruined this place if the tickets were cheaper. 

This user comes with the idea to avoid until the prices come down to a reasonable amount. Moreover, it advises Bahria’s management to thank the ones that actually visit this expensive place. 

It’s almost divided with one party saying the rates are justified with the other disappointed due to unaffordability. 

So what is your verdict? Do you find the prices to be justified? Do you find it a bit unfair with the majority of the public that falls below the upper-middle-class?

Share your opinions below in the comment section! 

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