Bahria College’s Examiner Sadat Bashir Finally Speaks Up Amidst The Controversy

In a turn of events, Sadat Bashir, the accused finally comes out to address the harassment claims made against him. With courage and plea for Pakistanis to come forward, a few days ago, a student of Bahria College made a Facebook post where she shared how the Biology examiner and invigilator Sadat Bashir harassed 80 female students from the school.

In her detailed testimony, she mentioned how the examiner was responsible for harassing a number of students by passing sleazy comments and by physical contact. “…Our examiner Sadat Bashir, was a perverted asshole who groped almost 80 students and passed sleazy comments.
He groped me twice, once when I went for the model recognition and he touched my butt and second when I was making the slides. He came behind me and traced my bra strap all the while pretending he was just examining my slide,”

With the Passage of Time, More Students Came Out And the Social Media Showed Utmost Support!

A Social Media Movement Raised Awareness that TV Shows Started Talking About it!

Hashtags such as #MeToo, #TimesUp, and #PunishSadatBashir were used by Pakistanis who came forward to support the girls who were subject to harassment in their school.

And Member of the National Assembly Shaza Fatima Shed Additional Light by Discussing the Matter in NA!

“…Recent incident of mass sexual harassment in #BahriaCollege is just one example of a professor #SadatBashir harassing multitude of young girls in an examination hall where he wouldn’t allow any other teachers. It’s also an example of how the authorities, instead of taking action against the professor, asked the students to stay quiet and tried to hush it up.
This one vile person has been doing this for years now.”

With speculations raising day by day, Sadat Bashir finally came out to address the allegations made against him.

In a Video that Was Seen Surfacing on Social Media, Sadat Bashir Denied All Allegations Made by the Students!

In the video, the accused just mentioned the pressure he had from the schools on giving students full marks on their practicals – he didn’t accept or deny any allegations, nor did he speak about them.

Here’s the video:

While the investigation is still ongoing, it is brilliant from these female students to come out and share the horrible experiences that have been happening in their own school. The social media, on the hand, must be applauded as well for its efforts in shedding light on the matter.

Justice will be served!

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