A Woman gives Birth to a Baby Girl on a PIA Flight and Pakistanis are losing their Heads…

A Woman gives Birth to a Baby Girl on a PIA Flight and Pakistanis are losing their Heads…

Not every day do you get to hear that a baby is given birth to on a flight. This has happened before many times, but certainly the first time in Pakistan. Just recently, an expectant mother gave birth to a baby girl on a PIA flight who was heading back to Multan from Madinah, after performing Umrah.

As soon as the mother’s water broke, the crew members showed their efficiency and immediately came to aid the mother and helped her deliver the baby. And yes, it was a beautiful baby girl! Awww. As much as some hate our national airline, this time, they truly proved themselves!

Here’s what was tweeted from PIA’s official Twitter profile:

Miracles happen everyday and we had our little miracle today onboard our flight PK 716 from Madinah to Multan. A beautiful baby girl was born! We congratulate the proud parents on the new arrival and a big kudos to our cabin crew for their amazing emergency response

EEEE!! So Adorable!

Here’s a close-up shot of the baby!


And… another one!



As this news spread like wildfire and many Pakistanis were excited by it, they couldn’t stop praising the airline for taking care of it expertly. On the other hand, they were some who showed their utmost concern about one thing… well, actually a few…

Lifetime travel FREE of cost?? Yes? No?

A major concern, by many

Some were clearly embarrassed…

The first that thought that came to those who actually gave it a little thought…


According to sources, the baby girl was said to be “premature” as it had arrived a little before its time. However, after looking at the pictures, many found it to be untrue as the baby seemed perfectly normal and mature.

There was someone who gave a little more insight into the story, and here’s what they had to say:

Some even started to suggest names for the little one. Cute!

We truly appreciate PIA and their efforts in this matter but yes, showing a little more concern would highly be appreciated in the near future just to avoid any complications and health risks which would require professionals and not an airline staff to deliver a baby.

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