Baba Ki Rani [Poem]

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Men are strong until the day they are father of a girl leaving her home to live among strangers. He know, no one is going to love her and take care of her more than him. With every tear, he shed a memory of her from toddler to a grown up bride. For a girl, seeing tears rolling down on her father’s face is the most emotional thing. The person who was her hero, the strongest person who never got afraid of any situation and never weep for anything is standing helpless with eyes full of tears. No matter what happened to her, she will always be “Baba ki rani”(father’s princess).

Jo ansu nikley the baba
Wo ansu mene dekhey the
Tm roye bht the baba
Ke meri beti us ghar jaigi

Jo ghar tere ghar sa na hoga
Wo mujhko janey
Kese rakheyga
Meri qismat ka sochke

Jab tum roye the baba
Wo ansu mene dekhey the

Teri beti hun me wohi ladli si
Teri beti hun me sabse pyari

Lakin mujhko dar lagta hai
In logo se dar lagta hai
Ye kitne chah se
Kitney pyar se leke aye the



Atey he in sab ne phir
Apne apne rang dikhaye the
Me achi rahun pyar se
Tamney sab sikhaya tha

Lakin kab tak mere baba
Me thak gai bohat, lartey lartey
Apni is qismat sey
Wo Shehzada or mera chota sa ghar



Bas khuabo tak he reh gaya
Shehzadi na sahi mujhko
Ye apne jesa samjhein to
Ye pyar na deingay tujh jesa

Jab sochke tum roye the
Wo ansu mene dekhey the
Yad hai na jab me roti the
Ke mujhko school se lejao

Yahan Miss bht dant’ti hai
Sab mujhko tang kartey hein
Tum foran akey lejatey
Phir pyar se mujhko samjhatey

Ao na phir se wese he baba
Samjhao na wese he baba
Lakin tab me samajh gai the
Tum wapis lene na aoge

Jab ansu tere dekhey the
Me samajh gai the sab baba

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