What A Performance! This Azerbaijani Family Plays ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ On Piano

Dil Dil Pakistan On Piano

A family from Azerbaijan has paid a rich tribute to Pakistan in solidarity with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The family is a popular piano artiste in the country. They showed their support to Pakistan as we fight the growing pandemic in the country.

Azerbaijan and Pakistan’s relations always demonstrate a rare example of solidarity. The relationship between the two countries kept getting stronger with time.

This family from Azerbaijan played Pakistan’s favorite national song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ on a piano. The song was sung by late Junaid Jamshed and is one of the most popular national songs of Pakistan. The song gives the message of love and hope to the country.

Turan Manafzade is a popular pianist and composer, she has performed the song with her parents. The piano version is no doubt mesmerizing and yet again gives the same patriotic feel to many.

Azerbaijan and Pakistan share an enduring diplomatic relationship, though there are some challenges to the further development of relations. But, the countries still support each other at the time of crisis.

Baku, Azerbaijan also became a popular tourist destination for Pakistanis[before lockdown ofcourse]. It is affordable and has amazing scenic views that fascinate Pakistanis.

Just this month, in a phone call with his Pakistani counterpart, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev expressed his deep concern at India’s perceived human rights violations in Kashmir. “Azerbaijan considers Pakistan its close friend and will continue to support it at every forum,” he said.


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