Azaz Syed Thanks The Pakistani Nation On Donating For A Rickshaw Driver’s Daughter With Disability!

Despite being surrounded by various major issues, the people of Pakistan never back off from helping anyone in need. Being known as the most charitable country on the phase of earth, Pakistan has in several areas served as an epitome of humanity. For this kind nation, distance doesn’t matter, if they see anyone seeking help from anywhere, they would do everything possible to help selflessly.

The Pakistani nation helped a rickshaw driver’s daughter to regain her hearing!

Leaping over to the fact that every year in Ramzan, overseas Pakistanis bag the honor of becoming the most loving nation. Staying constant in their true endeavors, another similar heart-warming story circulated social media making people believe in the human race again. A well-known journalist of Pakistan, Azaz Syed recently thanked the Pakistani nation who helped a rickshaw driver’s daughter with disability.

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“Pyaray doston! Aap sab ne ye mumkin kar daala. Nanhi Hoorain Fatima ke ilaaj ke liye tamaam paisay ikathay ho gaye. Saabit hua ke Pakistan main jaan hai. Ikram ke mutabiq Pakistan aur bairoon mumalik se atiyaat bhejay gaye jinki tafseelaat is ke paas mojood hain. Bagair ijazat naam share karna munasib nahin is liye guraiz kar raha hun.”

Ikram Ali, a resident of Sohawa, Jhelum, has a 6-year-old daughter named Hoorain who is mute and is deprived off hearing capability as well. His only source of income is a three-wheel bike rickshaw which he uses to pick and drop customers. From last few years, Ikram Ali has tried in every government hospital to get her daughter treated but for some reason or the other, it couldn’t happen.

A little girl named Hoorain needed Pakistan’s help in getting treated!

Last month, Azaz Syed, after gathering all the needed information from Ikram Ali posted a video on his Twitter and urged to donate so that Hoorain can get treated. Lacking a total of 7 lac rupees, the little girl needs a hearing device called “cochlear implant” through which she can regain her hearing. As the post went up, a wave of Pakistanis showed their interest in helping Hoorain with her treatment and regain her senses.

The tweet read, “Sohawa, Jhelum ke rickshaw driver Ikram Ali ki beti Hoorain Fatima ka ilaaj sirf 7 lacs ke faaslay par hai. Agar aaj tareekh main ye paisay bhi jama na huay tou dollar ki qeemat barhnay ke ba’is 1st September se is bachi ka ilaaj mazeed mehenga ho jaaega. Is bachi ki madad zaroor kijiye.”

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Recently, because of Pakistan’s help, the little girl Hoorain got treated and it is a clear proof that in this era where no one helps the other, Pakistanis stand firm in helping the needy.

Help others so you can help yourself!

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