Hunter In Muzaffarabad Kills Rare Female Leopard And Is Now Chasing Her Male Partner!

kashmir leopard

Even though human life remains under threat of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), humanity still wants to protect the wild. Many believe that this scourge upon us is due to not respecting the wild, which is how the virus spread in the first place.

Now, as per news received from a wildlife non-governmental organization, a local hunter has killed a female leopard in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. The worst bit? The female leopard was mating with her male partner when the hunter approached them. Had the mating period gone smoothly, they would have given life to more rare leopards and save them from extinction in Pakistan.

kashmir leopard

Source: twitter

After killing the female leopard, the hunter went on a chase to find her male partner but as of now, he has not succeeded. Authorities need to make sure that these local hunters are caught before they can carry out their plans.

Moreover, after killing the gorgeous female leopard, the hunter maimed and skinned her for her coat. Removing the beautiful and exotic fur of the leopard with a knife, only the meat was left behind.

Furthermore, this is not the first such case in the area. Previously, numerous rare leopards have been killed for their skin or for being considered as a threat. Social media has been angered by the incident and people want to catch the culprit as soon as possible.

This is how the internet is reacting to the leopard’s killing

The tragedy is being lamented by lovers of nature, who believe that these wild animals need to be protected, not decapitated this way. If you think they will cause you harm, you need to alert the authorities such as WWF or Forest Department to take care of your worries.

However, people love hunting in Pakistan. The DI Khan hunter who killed hundreds of sparrows for fun is a perfect example. Those sparrows weren’t harming him, but he still maimed them for fun.

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