People Are Shamelessly Targeting Ayesha Gulalai’s Sister for Playing Squash in Shorts

Former PTI worker and MNA Ayesha Gulalai has stormed the headlines after announcing her immediate departure from the political party. If you do not have a background on the entire story that has been trending for the last 19 hours, then for your information, Ayesha Gulalai not only announced her decision to leave PTI but also leveled serious allegations on Chairman Imran Khan.

Ayesha Gulalai says, Imran Khan sent “lewd” text messages to her

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In a press conference where she announced her dramatic departure, she raised all attention towards the reason for it.

This has sparked a massive controversy on social media. People on the Internet have been quick to react to the whole political drama. Some people chose to agree with her, while others straightly found her claim ludicrous. People have valid reasons supporting their stance, either way. However, some Pakistanis took a new low in their criticism of Ayesha Gulalai.

Meet Maria Toorpakay – the Squash player from Pakistan who should be the source of pride for all

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A renowned Squash player from Pakistan who not many people know about. Shame that many of us learned about her after she was dragged into the whole controversy regarding her sister, Ayesha Gulalai.

The height of her determination goes a long way: residing in a conservative region, Maria Toorpakay had to pretend to be a boy in order to take part in competitive sports. It was until the word got out, she had to come out with the truth and had to face sheer criticism.


For rendering commendable services in sports, Maria was awarded Salaam Pakistan Award alongside Aisam ul Haq by the President of Pakistan. She is ranked the 56th female-Squash player in the world.

But Pakistanis are shamefully bashing her now…

Apart from this, you will find many instances where people have lashed out at her. Even a pro-PTI Facebook page targeted her over how she dresses to plays competitive sports!

Finally, some people with sense!

This is all done as a way to get back to the former PTI worker. They have taken a new low by targeting her sister instead. It’s shambolic on all grounds.

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