Ayesha Gulalai Entered the National Assembly Wearing a Turban to Create an Example of Her Own!

Ayesha Gulalai is back in the news making some serious headlines and this time, it isn’t for her allegations of text messages or her plea for a ticket. For those who need a quick recap: Gulalai accused the chairman of PTI Imran Khan of harassing her. On the other hand, the chairman and PTI members claim that Gulalai plotted all of this because her request for the ticket was denied due to lack of absence in the NA.

The entire fiasco broke the internet a few days ago and Gulalai received a lot of hate since she failed to provide the evidence for the allegations she made on Khan.

Now, however, Gulalai is back for making an appearance in the National Assembly…in an iconic manner. She entered the buildings while wearing a turban, sending a message to all the “haters”.

She said, “Jab Razia Sultana ko maardo sae muqabla karna parha, unko maard bn’na parha,” while addressing the Pakistani women to be strong.

Here’s Her Interview

She kept referring to “mafia” while showing that she is brave enough to fight for her seat which is in jeopardy due to the claims made by PTI. Before her session on Thursday, Gulalai addressed the House and declared how she will not resign from the assembly. While the PTI benches made it difficult for her to address the House, Gulalai continued proving her point and didn’t stop.

On the other hand, Pakistanis didn’t find the idea appealing and continued telling Gulalai how dense her idea was!



A Few Liked her Step As Well

Regardless of what one may think about the step made by the Pakthun politician, one has to applaud for her confidence that made her stand in front of the many men who spoke against her. Gulalai is fighting her war alone, but let’s see where it takes her.

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