Trigger Warning! Aye-Musht-E-Khaak’s Violent Scene Horrifies Viewers

Brace yourself, because the Pakistani drama industry has taken the bar of domestic violence to the next level without even a trigger warning. Yes! You heard it right, Pakistani dramas didn’t learn from the previous experiences and the audience’s reaction.

Or it looks like they don’t even know the actual meaning of an intense scene as one of the netizens commented on a recent scene that took place in a drama serial Aye-Musht-e-Khaak where Feroze Khan and Sana Javed showcase their acting skills but not romantic one.

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What on earth director thought before describing that scene? Plus where’s PEMRA too? Because in 2022, where the couple can’t hug each other or romanticize their love but a man can beat a woman on national television.

2022’s violent scene in drama serial Feroze Khan in his violent mode

In the latest episode of the Aye-Musht-e-Khaak, some graphical belligerent scene took place between Mustajab (Khan) and Shiza (Nimra Khan). He brutally drags her by the neck and both of them scream deep down from their lungs.

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The scene surely was intense and horrifying because first, they acted brilliantly made the scene even scarier. The details on the mail face, that anger with the blood veins so spot on the forehead and Nimra fighting back also looked unexpected.

Soon the episode was released and social media went crazy. No one hesitated and raised their voice against such a brutal scene. Okay, that scene, the argument was important for the drama but that violence surely demands to be in it?

The star of the drama serial Feroze Khan also shocked his fans when he revealed that he’s releasing an English rap track soon.

Netizens are not happy

#AyeMushtEKhaak “we need to define what intense scenes mean. Two people screaming, physically pushing each other? I understand you might want to show abuse or a mental issue but it should be well defined concerning characterization & situation. Everything shouldn’t be exaggerated.”

One of the users wrote, “This scene could have been done with a bit more sensitivity and less violence for sure! Why is the so-called hero indulging in abuse? Geo TV, you can’t promote abuse like this!”

Before the episode got aired, the promo even made viewers angry and upset for some major reasons. One for exceptionally poor acting and questioned PEMRA for airing such a scene.

Another wrote, “This scene is downright triggering and glorifies violence and the toxic male lead as a protagonist. Highly disturbing!”

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