Sources Claim The Blasphemy Allegations On Mashal Were Spread By The University Itself!

One of the worst cases of public anger in Pakistan’s recent history has taken another turn. The young student of Mass Communication and Journalism who studied at Abdul Wali Khan University, Mashal Khan, is now being reported to have been falsely murdered.

Mashal, who was lynched to death inside the university hostel for committing an act of blasphemy, was wrongly taken away from us. The recent revelation in the heartwrenching case is bound to anger the sane masses further. As being reported by different leading news hubs of Pakistan, a key suspect convicted in Mashal Khan’s murder has finally spoken the truth.


According to The News International, Wajahat, the key accused in Mashal’s death has said that the Abdul Wali Khan University officials are responsible for the murder, as he spread fake rumors of blasphemy on Mashal and his friends on their orders.

As per The News, “Sources said that Wahajat had held the administration of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan responsible for the incident. He alleged that the university administration had forced him to do so.

Giving further details, the key accused said that he was called at the Chairman Office by the administration on April 13, where 15 to 20 people including Lecturer Zia Ullah, Lecturer Anis, Superintendent Arshad, Clerk Asad, Idrees and Asfandyar were already present.


The administration asked me to make public that Mashal Khan and others had committed blasphemy. Upon this, I delivered a speech alleging that Mashal and others had committed blasphemy. I told people that I had heard Mashal, Abdullah and Zubair uttering blasphemous words. On that occasion, Fahim Alam endorsed my allegations. In the meantime, security in charge Bilal arrived at the scene and warned that whoever tried to side with Mashal will be dealt strictly. He said that he himself would kill Mashal.”

This news comes on the back of countrywide protests in favor of Mashal Khan, who was wrongly lynched to death for political agendas by the university. Mashal and his friends had all spoken against the university in an interview two days before the tragic incident, which is now being believed as the core reason for the attack on them.

On the other hand, the injured friend of Mashal, who too was accused of blasphemy, has recorded a statement before the magistrate saying that Mashal was against the way the university administration was conducting affairs. With no proof of blasphemy against Mashal, the recent revelations surely confirm that he did not commit any blasphemous act and was being framed.


Wajahat’s statement will definitely shock a lot of people in Pakistan, especially the ones who were pertinent that Mashal Khan was rightfully killed for committing blasphemy. Justice needs to prevail for Pakistan to prosper in the future. The authorities now need to set an example that inhumane acts like these do not happen in the future.

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