It’s President’s Son VS A PPP Leader. Who’s Winning The Online Brawl?

awab alvi and murtaza wahab

President Arif Alvi’s son Awab Alvi had a social media brawl with PPP leader Murtaza Wahab. It took an ugly turn when Alvi tried to take a sarcastic dig on Wahab.

It all started when Alvi said four PCR (coronavirus) testing units were sent to Sindh for JPMC & SIUT by the federal government. But, Sindh’s government didn’t acknowledge it and kept on criticizing the center. However, on behalf of the PPP’s government, Wahab gave clarification about receiving any PCR machines.

Awab retorted back and said he had coordinated with the authorities to have them delivered to JPMC & SIUT to set-up a center for ‘the people of Sindh’.

“Mr. Wahab I have no intention of political point-scoring or challenging your authority but credit where due. And please no deception, I share some proof (video & NDMA data) but if you still need to rub your nose then I can forward you Gen Afzal’s number to confirm yourself,” he wrote. Wahab kept on proving his point that Awab’s facts were wrong.

PPP leader stoops too low

To end all this, Awab posted a winning post where he claimed that he was Miandad and he had hit a match-winning sixer. That didn’t go down well with PPP leader and he stoops too low when he called him a ‘Youthia’. He also taunted him that he was a President’s son so he could be anything.

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Earlier this month, Wahab claimed the testing kits for coronavirus that were received through the federal government were not fit for carrying out clinical examinations.

It’s not very surprising that two influential people fighting publically on social media. These days it’s a common practice that politicians and influential people get miffed with each other on different chat shows or on social media. Where people are uniting to fight with the ongoing crisis, these people are playing their politics in this situation.

God knows when we will start caring about the people and work for them rather than finding the opportunity to have an upper hand over others.


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