Austrian Boxer Wilhelm Ott Converts To Islam During Corona Isolation

Wilhelm Ott converts to islam

Wilhelm Ott is a professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter from Austria. He has been professionally boxing since 2008 and is nicknamed ‘The Amazing’ by his fans. On April 16 he announced that he has converted to Islam.

Ott has revealed that he has found his faith in Islam during the coronavirus lockdown. In his video, he can be seen reciting the Kalma shareef.

Muslims are welcoming Ott in Islam

People have all praise for the Austrian wrestler and they are welcoming him in his new religion.

A few days back, a Jewish man by the name of Sanford Pass also converted to Islam. He shared his story of converting to Islam in an interview with YouTube channel Digital Mimbar. Sanford narrated his journey of how he became a Muslim. He said he had a dream where he saw a man and he could not see his face. However, he could tell that he was smiling at him. He described this incident to an Imam in the mosque. Imam said that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had visited him in his dream.

That dream has changed his entire life and he now feels more enlightened and happy.

The 71-year-old Jewish man said that the Prophet (PBUH) was wearing a golden colored turban with a golden shawl. He was dressed in white and he was smiling. It was light all around him and he couldn’t see his face. He said his rib-cage then opened up and he felt like that he was exploding inside and now it all came together. Sanford also stated that he was so happy that he felt like he had won the lottery.

Coronavirus and Islam

Since this coronavirus crisis hit the entire world, people are getting inclined towards the teaching of Islam. Islam is the only religion which has already predicted every forthcoming for the world through the Holy Quran. Though people kept on neglecting the actual truth but sooner or later every scientific research or belief is making sense with the Quran.

In the light of the Quran and Hadiths, Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has already discussed how to deal with such outbreaks. The world is now accepting these teachings and preaching it to all [Muslims or Non-Muslims].

Amid the pandemic, Pakistanis are bonding together to assist the less fortunate in a unique and inspiring way and according to the teachings of Islam. Many are offering zakat for daily wage earners who are suffering due to the recent coronavirus lockdown.


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