This Australian Cricket Writer Who Loves Pakistan Wants Us to Call Him to Our Country!

When it comes to the foreigners coming to Pakistan, there is never an easy way. Due to the extremist image spread in the media, Pakistan is considered as a hub of terrorism and cruelty which prevents the international figures to visit us. Big guns not willing to visit Pakistan for the PSL final is the recent example.

We have heard a number of international figures say, “We wish to visit Pakistan one day” but that day never comes, does it? But there is this one guy, a cricket fanatic who LOVES Pakistani team so much that he even posted his half nude (I am not even kidding) when Pakistan won against India.

Meet Dennis Freedman – An Australian Cricket Writer Who Wants To Visit Pakistan!

Dennis Wants To Come To Pakistan To Meet Wasim Akram and Other Pakistani Cricket Legends!

“I want to ask Wasim about Qayyum. I want to ask Najam Sethi about security. I want to ask the fans about Boom Boom and Hafiz and  Younis and Javed Miandad.”

He Also Wants To Hit A Ball Over The LOC And Sing Dil Dil Pakistan!

“I want to hit a ball over the Line of Control into India. I might hit one into China as well. I want to sing Dil Dil Pakistan in a crowded mall and wear my “Sachin Who” shirt to a local match.”

This is the famous shirt Dennis is talking about:

Basically, this is what Dennis actually wants, for which he requires some funding!

It has been 10 years since international cricket was last played on Pakistani soil. Yes, I’m aware that Zimbabwe popped over in 2015, but that doesn’t really count. The big boys just won’t go there to play. India won’t because of politics. The rest of the world won’t due to security fears.

But despite this, Pakistan in the last 12 months rose to number 1 in the Test rankings and won the ICC Champions Trophy. But many of us Westerners have no idea what makes Pakistan cricket tick. Why is it so contagious. Why the only team that can beat Pakistan is Pakistan itself. So, without the tick of approval from my wife, I’m off to the land of the Green Shirts to document what it is that draws me to love this cricketing culture and people so much.

I want to answer why, that despite the stereotype that it is an unsafe place full of murdering extremists (that mind you, we see in the UK, France, and the USA on an almost daily basis), we should find a way to get international cricket back to Pakistan.

I’m aiming to make a TV series from this. I will speak with players, administrators and most importantly the fans.

Dennis Is Aiming To Visit Pakistan in October and for that He Is Collecting Funds!

Insha allah, I’m aiming to get over in October for up to two weeks. I’m looking to raise $10k.

This will cover my flights, accomodation, food, visa fees, camera man costs, internal travel, etc. I just don’t want to find myself short given I’ve got one chance to get this right. So if you can help in any way, I will be eternally grateful. Every dollar helps. 

If you can sponsor flights or accomodation or provide access to people or anything at all, please email me. Finally, and I think this is important. If, for whatever reason I cannot make it to Pakistan and you have donated, I will refund your money. I am not here to rip anyone off. 


Let’s get international cricket back to Pakistan!

Click Here To Donate Funds For Dennis To Visit Pakistan!

In case you don’t know how much he loves Pakistan, just check out few of his tweets:

The Nude Which Was Mentioned Earlier Hehehe

Never Ever! <3


Support Dennis to come to Pakistan by helping him raise a number of funds he needs. Let’s change the image of Pakistan!


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