PM Khan Writes A Letter To Ausralia For Assistance In Bushfire Tragedy

PM Khan Writes A Letter To Ausralia For Assistance In Bushfire Tragedy

pm letter to australia

By now, every person in the world is aware of what has happened in Australia. Many bushfires across Australia have killed 27 people. destroyed over 2000 homes and sadly, burnt 10 million hectares of lush green land. If the area is combined, it will be larger than South Korea or Portugal.

2019 was a record year for Australia in terms of its driest and hottest year. Consequently, the biggest victims of the fire, have been the animals. Hundreds of thousands of animals, rare and common, have been burnt alive by Australia’s bushfires. However, the whole world has stood with Australia. Some in terms of donations, others in terms of prayers.

Bushfires in Australia

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Similarly, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has offered his assistance to Australia as well. Imran Khan wrote a letter to the Australian government regarding the bushfires. Here’s what it said:

Excellency, the people of Pakistan are deeply saddened over the loss of precious lives and large-scale material damage caused by the bushfires in Australia. On behalf of the Govt of Pakistan and its people, I would like to offer our profound sympathies and prayers for the people of Australia. We have no doubt that the Australian people will overcome this calamity with strength and resilience.

Bushfires in Australia

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I have, time and again, described climate change as one of the defining issues of our time. The challenge cannot be met by any country alone. I am sure this crisis will also create the opportunity for greater international collaboration to reinforce the imperative of collective solutions. Keeping in view our close and friendly ties and deep-rooted historical connections, I would like to convey our readiness to assist in any manner possible. Please accept, Excellency, the assurance of my highest consideration.”

Climate change or deliberate shenanigans in Australian bushfires?

The letter was written to the Prime Minister of Commonwealth of Australia, Scott Morrison. Additionally, the Australian bushfires have wreaked havoc in the world and it is proof that climate change is real. However, there has been another aspect of this tragedy. As reported, over 200 people have been arrested over deliberately starting bushfires in Australia.

Moreover, arrests have also been made for people who had opted to loot houses, shops while the bushfires went on. The condition of Australia is one that requires a lot of prayers.

Furthermore, PM Imran Khan is also facing criticism for his letter to the Australian PM. People in Pakistan have been of the opinion that the Imran Khan should focus on troubles at home, and not what goes on in Australia. Moreover, there is a snowstorm in Pakistan which has caused thousands of people to remain stuck without food or water.

In addition, almost 40+ people have died in the Neelum Valley today, when a snowcapped peak avalanched into a small village. However, PM Imran Khan diplomatically needed to send out a statement regarding Australian bushfires.

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