“From Safe Zone To Threatening,” Australia Faces Major Outbreak In Covid Cases

Coronavirus has damaged millions of lives in just 1.5 years and it’s growing rapidly in every country, state, and people couldn’t find the best possible solution.

Even those countries who tried to secure their people from the beginning are now also targeted by the Covid-19 and it’s not stopping now.

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Among those countries, Australia is one of them who protected their people in every way and didn’t let any outsiders enter their country. Other countries were giving their examples, the way they handled this dangerous situation, but now they are also facing worse case scenarios.

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As it happened New South Wales got contagious with a large number of cases and damaging the whole NSW.

Corona Virus has played its role in sabotaging human lives, it also showed no matter who you are you will get infected. Just like Hollywood celebrities like Idris Elba, Tom Hanks, and others got infected and faced isolation period.

Australia Faces Big Outbreak In Various States

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No one expected, that Australia will come under such big pressure and face such high-intensity Covid cases. New South Wales cases have broken the record with 919 new local cases and not only NWS Victoria has also joined the list.

In New South Wales, two deaths have been confirmed today which include a woman in her 30s living in western Sydney and a man in his 80’s who got infected from Greenwood Aged Care facility in Normanhurst.

On the other hand, Victoria has also entered the Covid-19 fight battle with the cases rising. Till now 45 new cases recorded and it looks like Victoria cases are growing quicker than the NSW.

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Plus Melbourne also happened to face the sixth lockdown. Australian authorities trying their best to control and stable the situation as the Delta virus has also started infecting people too.

Australian government trying to secure the country as people aren’t taking it seriously at all. Police have arrested some of the youngsters who were partying till dawn even though knowing the conditions.

Experts, Doctors & Health Minister Statements

Mikhail Prokopenko, director of the University of Sydney’s center for complex systems has come forward and shared some insights.

Source: Scientia

He said, “Victoria’s number of mystery cases suggested it remained “on the brink”, despite the fall in daily infections.”

He further said, “Victoria and New Zealand, which is battling its fast-moving outbreak, were now being watched by the rest of the world to see whether they could rein in a Delta outbreak that had led to widespread community spread – a feat that has only been achieved by China so far.”

“I have my doubts,” Professor Prokopenko said. “But I also still have hope it is possible.”

Source: Bloomberg

Australian Health Minister Martin Foley has said, it was heartening cases had dropped, but authorities still had work to do to gain control of the spread. “We know numbers bounce around.”

Even the authorities have been asking their people especially Victoria ones to immediately get tested as soon you feel any symptoms before it gets affected to others.

Source: The Age

Health Department deputy secretary Kate Matson has also shared her remarks on the rising cases in Australia, some people were testing positive eight days after first feeling COVID-19 symptoms, compared with an average for Victoria’s mystery cases of three days. “If we shorten that, we will be able to get on top of this,”

Australia was one of the countries that were secured from the Covid-19 cases and were following every single protocol to save their people.

One bad fish has messed the whole system up, but the Australian government took immediate action and tried to control it.

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