Enough Is Enough! Pakistani Girl Bullied Since Childhood Makes A Platform To Raise Voice Against It

16-Year-Old Autistic Girl After Being Bullied Since Childhood Makes A Platform To Raise Voice Against Bullying

Many children with autism experience a triad of trauma: especially bullying at school. Additionally, they are more likely than their peers to be neglected or abused. Tayabah, a 16-year-old girl diagnosed with autism experiences the same. The girl bullied since primary school, takes it to her Instagram to share her story and raise voice against bullying.

As we happened to stumble upon this sweet child’s profile, it was soul-wrenching to see how much this girl suffered at the hands of the bullies. Throughout her school years, Tayabah was made fun of and called names to the point that it gave her anxiety. To the point that she became depressed and suicidal at such a young age.

Autism is a developmental disorder where a person has difficulties with social interaction and communication. There are also many other challenges the person faces with repetitive behaviors and speech. Imagine getting bullied and made fun of for something that is not even under your control. So disappointing.

On Sunday, Tayabah, along with her mother and aunt made an Instagram page to give voice to people who are suffering from the same torture. The 16-year-old wants to make the world a better place by helping others. Knowing what being bullied feels like, the girl promises to even keep the identities of those who do not wish to be revealed confidential.

Although it is a brilliant step being taken by a teenage girl, it is sad to see what the poor girl went through. Nobody deserves to be treated so badly. No one. Ever since primary school, the girl was called numerous names from ‘beast, ugly, fat’ to whatnot. But now, the bullying survivor has started to see light. She now wishes to bring a change to her life, and others.

Tayabah on her way to make a difference

As of now, the girl has begun working on the prevention of bullying- on ‘how to tackle bullies and what the school should do to help’. In addition to this, she believes that instead of telling them off, they need to give bullies counseling. They need to get the root of the problem as to why they bully and offer them help.

The severity of bullying is often undermined. No, bullying is not just a normal part of growing up, nor does it help children deal with the cruelties of the ‘real world’. Stop being insensitive. This is the utter ignorance of the impact bullying has on children.

Not only do the sufferers develop depression, but they also become socially withdrawn and have low self-esteem. It is so heartbreaking to see how cruel and insensitive the world is. Just imagine; the kid suffers from autism, and the bullies did not even spare her.

If you know someone who’s getting cyberbullied, please report it. This is not the first case, just recently there was a case of a 15-year-old autistic boy getting bullied online. The society needs to take this seriously, and this would not happen until and unless the bullies face consequences.

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