After Gormint Aunty, We Have Another Lady Who Is Upset Over The Government For All The Right Reasons

Aunty Gormint – the badass lady who made it all over the social space after speaking against the government in a ruthless manner. While sharing how upset she is over what the government is doing, aunty gormint used profound words, which fittingly, made sense.

The boldness showed by aunty Gormint is something which made her a sensation.

People From All Over The Were Talking About Aunty Gormint!

She Even Went To Saudi Conference With Trump

She Even Performed With Justin Bieber In India!

Indian Actor Irrfan Khan Became Our Legendary Gormint Aunty Too

Spreading The Message In India!

Because what the gormint aunty said was accurate, people from Pakistan and India related to it.

While the issues in Pakistan are somewhat still the same, citizens continue being angry. With an increase in angry citizens, we have found another aunty gormint who is equally, or perhaps angrier than aunty gormint. This lady’s version contains more profanity, so we suggest you use your earphones ‘cuz NSFW!

She was asked about the status of electricity in her area. She was so furious, she couldn’t contain her anger and chose to say whatever she felt was appropriate. When asked about K-Electricity, she stated how they are together with the government and are doing everything wrong with the citizens.

With an increase in bills and no electricity provided, safe to say that this lady’s anger is fully justified. While some may feel that the way she spoke was somewhat funnier than the aunty gormint, the bigger picture we need to see is how the government continues ignoring our issues.

We wish this aunty alongside the first aunty gormint get what they fully deserve, which is electricity for starters. On a lighter note, this badass lady is definitely a legend!

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