Attacks in Kyrgyzstan Target South Asian Students’ Hostels

Attacks in Kyrgyzstan Target South Asian Students' Hostels

Trouble has broken out in Kyrgyzstan, with mobs attacking hostels where students from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan live. A lot of people are scared for the safety of international students in the country because of this.

Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek, has seen angry mobs targeting these hostels over the past few days. Reports say that three Pakistani MBBS students have been murdered, and ten girls have been raped, making Pakistan and India advise their nationals to be careful.

The trouble started after a fight at a hostel between locals and foreign students, including Pakistanis and Egyptians. A video of this fight, which happened on May 13, went viral, leading to more problems in Bishkek.

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Kyrgyzstan is a renowned destination for students from South Asia to go to school because the tuition is affordable, especially for medical school. There are about 14,500 Indian students currently studying there.

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