Anti-Feminists March Elements Throw Stones & Bricks At Aurat March 2020 Protesters!

Aurat march attacked

Aurat March is happening in full swing across Pakistan. However, as per reports, Aurat March in Islamabad is under attack now.

According to sources, the extremists from Lal Masjid have wreaked havoc on the marchers of Aurat March. Moreover, extremists from the other side are pelting stones at the participants of Aurat March 2020.

attack on aurat march

Source: Twitter

According to the official page of Aurat Azadi March Islamabad, Mullahs are pelting stones at marchers.

Here is the Video Proof of the attack

Besides, the official page of Aurat March Lahore on twitter confirmed the attack saying, “We are alarmed by the attack on the AuratAzadiMarch in Islamabad.”

attack on aurat march

Source: twitter

Moreover, the mob is attacking the marchers with bricks, stones, and shoes. Reportedly, people are getting injured and law enforcement authorities are trying their best to control the situation.

Another Video Depicting attack


Additionally, people in the march are waiting for the police for protection. As per a tweet, the Police are absent.

Meanwhile, despite the attack, many marchers are motivated and going forward.

Sadly, the attack is injuring many people. Unfortunately, the police and district administration failed in maintaining law and order.


This guy survived an attack.

Is it what we want to show the world on women’s day?

Above all, the attack on peaceful protest is a matter of shame for the government. Moreover, the government cannot control extremists in the capital territory.

This portrays the ineffectiveness of Islamabad’s administration. Hopefully, the forces will control the situation soon.

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