Dear Atiqa Odho, Nauman Ijaz ‘Joke’ About Infidelity Was Not Funny!

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A recent ongoing trend of calling out cheating men and women has taken the world by a storm. However, what is equally upsetting is how Pakistanis tend to normalize this narrative by thinking ‘infidelity’ is a joke! Actor, Nauman Ijaz, talked about infidelity recently and Atiqa Odho covered it up as a joke.

Recently, renowned Pakistani actor Nauman Ijaz got himself in quite a muddle, after accepting to have cheated on his wife on a show with Iffat Omar! While being asked about his love life, the veteran actor admitted to cheating on his wife occasionally.

What made matters worst for him, was that he believes #MeToo movement is just agenda based on going away from Islamic teachings!

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This created a lot of chaos, and netizens were ready to rip him apart. Simultaneously, Twitterati were also divided between standing for women rights and others for normalizing this issue!

Celebrities scold Nauman Ijaz for cheating on his wife!

While many commented on this situation, celebrities also took a dig at Ijaz for normalizing such cheap action!

Among these, the first one to comment was Bushra Iqbal, who is the former wife of Dr. Amir Liaquat scolded him for his wrongdoing! Being an Islamic scholar, she tweeted her angst on the matter.

simultaneously, even Sharmila Faruqi is angry with the actor and took to Twitter to mention how unfair and cruel the practice is.

Atiqa Odho supports Nauman Ijaz by saying he was only ‘joking’

However, when the trolling reached a potential level, Atiqa Odho, a close friend and colleague of Nauman Ijaz took to social media talking about infidelity. She shared how it is uncalled for and Ijaz was only using humor to make the situation pleasant! Here is what she had to say:

My dear friend @naumaanijazofficial. You really know how to get people’s attention! Trust you to joke about infidelity…

Posted by Atiqa Odho on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

However, is infidelity really a concept to joke about? Above all, should we really be joking about it? Not only is the entire thought saddening but it shows how poor of a taste in joking this patriarchal society really has!

We wonder will Pakistanis get over this dilemma? Will they understand the fine line between things being offensive and amusing? Or are we so badly deprived of human sentiments that we really don’t care?

Assuming it was a joke, let’s be clear that it was in bad taste. Above all, we hope that Ijaz realizes this too; and apologizes for his completely unethical and offensive comment earlier.

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