Atif Mian Finally Breaks the Silence and Addresses the Recent Matter!

Out of the many decisions Prime Minister Imran Khan and PTI have made since winning the elections, choosing Atif Mian in a crucial seat for the economic wellbeing of the country was widely applauded, but also heavily criticized.

Atif Mian, who belongs to a religious belief system which is frowned upon by the extreme Muslims of the country, was asked to step down after the resurfacing news of his religious sect. After the entire fiasco split the country into two halves; whether Atif Mian should be on the Economic Advisory Council or not, it was finally shared that the Princeton professor was asked to remove himself.

The MIT-educated Pakistani-American Economics Professor Became an Eye of the Religious Extremists

Analysts and journalist came on national television and ridiculed Mian for his religious beliefs, alongside stating how this decision will ruin Pakistan, for it was formed on the basis of Islam.

Orya Maqbool Came on National TV and Demanded the Removal of Atif Mian, for it May Bless the Country

After much debate, the news finally came out.

PTI Senator-Chairman Standing Committee on Info Broadcasting & Heritage Faisal Javed Khan Testified that Atif Mian Was Asked to Step Down

While Atif Mian maintained his silence throughout the time he was mocked over national television and social media, he took it upon himself to clarify his position.

Atif Mian Posted the Following On Twitter

The economist mentioned how this decision was primarily because of the pressure the government was facing through the Muslim clerics.

He Then Stated How He Would Still Want to Serve the Country Were He Was Raised In

Additionally, He Gave Best Wishes to the EAC of Pakistan

He Concluded By Saying That he Wishes Best for the Country and Will Always Be There to Offer Help When Needed

It is indeed shocking to see how PTI and Imran Khan did not back Atif Mian, after repeatedly saying that they care about the minorities.

What do you think of this decision?

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