Atif Aslam’s Heartfelt Message for his 4-Year-Old Son’s Birthday Is Way Too Adorable!

We all know Atif Aslam as a rock star who puts the fire on stage with his kickass performance and people go crazy to see him on stage. People have been together with Atif all along his journey from the start of his singing career when he was in Jal band and when he left, his fans supported him when he started alone. His album “Doorie” was an uproar in all the 90’s kids.

Atif’s wedding was the most emotional moment for all his Aadeez. He married the love of his life and people kept waiting for Sara Bharwana’s information to be leaked on the internet. The wedding was really lavish and beautiful. The couple tied the knot in 2013 and later, they were bestowed with a baby boy. Not many people have seen his affectionate fatherly side. In reality, he is a “Do it all” father. Yesterday, it was Atif’s beloved son’s birthday. He wished him by posting on his Instagram a beautiful photo taken under the Eiffel Tower.

The caption read:

“Happy birthday son – you are my superstar and your happiness means the world to mummy n daddy . Allah apko sehatmand zindagi day”

Atif as a dad

On mother’s day, Atif shared the photo of the mother and son he adores the most

A beautiful, beautiful family photo. Picture-perfect!

This is literally us right now!


We can’t stop loving the couple! Don’t forget to say MashaAllah!

Despite him being an amazing husband and father, Atif’s recent post on Instagram also melted everyone’s heart! He recorded the video that went viral of a little boy, Arshman, who sang Atif’s latest song “Dil diyan gallan” was on everyone’s social feed.

He posted the video with the caption:

“Woo mashallah innocence at its best. Well done Arshman – let’s collaborate soon”

And Atif said CUTE!! *heart eyes*

Don’t know about others, but we are his fan all over again. Like falling in love all over again! AND… we are surely waiting for the collab with Arshman that he has mentioned!

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