Atif Aslam Just Surprised his Fans with his Latest Instagram Post and It is LOVE!

Not every day, do you see good things happening around you. Such good moments have become RARE.  Literally. However, there is some positivity left in this world, after all, and let’s not choose to overlook it. Atif Aslam, the famous heartthrob of many has proven what a gentleman he is and the whole world knows it!

This time, Atif Aslam showed a gesture that has won many hearts, yet again. During his performance, he noticed an old gentleman talking on his phone. When he went up to him and found out, here’s what he had to share with his fans and followers. And, all we could say was, ‘Awwwww’.

Here’s what Atif wrote in his Instagram post:

Saw a gentleman skyping with his grand daughter through out the gig , found it very pure n innocent. Take some time out and give a hug to your grand parents. #grandparents  #love  #life  #atifaslam

Atif with the gentleman <3

Grandpa sure looks happy and this post touched our hearts. Sweeeeeeet!

Not just us, but his fans loved this sweet gesture of his. as always!


He is the man!


In the end, Atif had left a very beautiful message for everyone out there to give time your loved ones. So many other things have taken over lives that we’ve forgotten our priorities. As time is passing by, we’re neglecting the ones we love. Yes, that is the reality. Sit back, close your eyes and think for a moment, isn’t this true? This is actually happening!

For those who are away from your loved ones and haven’t spoken to them in a long time, call them up today, take out a minute or two and show them that you care. Especially grandparents. They’re truly a blessing! <3

Atif, you sir, are a legend! <3

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