Atif Aslam’s Mimicry Of Umair Jaswal, Ali Zafar And Sajjad Ali Absolutely Stole The Show At LUX Style Awards

The 16th edition of the LUX style awards was indeed a star-studded event swamping of top celebrities and artists from all over Pakistan. It saw all of our favorite celebrities under the same roof being awarded for their remarkable work in entertainment through the bygone year. The LUX Style awards is a much sought-after event in the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Without a doubt, it’s a spectacular feat that every aspiring artist wishes to bring home once in their career. Only this time, Atif Aslam was handed the responsibility of hosting the event.

Source: Hello Pakistan Magazine

The 2017 LUX Style awards were pretty much like the rest. Atif Aslam hosting the event was quite an interesting thing. Now normally, it raised many eyebrows since no one has ever properly seen the legendary singer hosting an event. With that being said, his fanfare was steaming with excitement to see their prodigy host a grand event. For many people, the long screentime of Atif Aslam was already enough to set their moods and get them hyped about the event. We are going to talk about Atif and we would specifically mention one point where he enchanted the entire crowd and viewers after he hilariously mimicked Ali Zafar, Sajjad Ali and Umair Jaswal.

Here is Atif Aslam giving all the viewers a good laugh:

Brb… laughing

My word! That was absolutely hilarious. Seriously, I can imagine how many times you clicked that replay button. It gets funnier every time you watch it. You simply cannot get over it. Seems like Atif Aslam was in a real mood to entertain the crowd. Well, this very incident stole the headlines and became the highlight of the event. People cannot stop sharing it and simply cannot get enough it. It’s because nobody has ever seen Atif in such a mood indulged in such hilarious antics. Very rare of him, indeed!

Especially the part of Sajjad Ali; he absolutely nailed it! It’s good of Atif Aslam to realize that a little humor as such is absolutely a treat for fans and viewers.

So, that was all about it. Congratulations to all those who claimed the awards that night!

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