Atif Aslam Goes Out in the Rain to Search for Halal Food in Switzerland!

The Holy month of Ramadan is surely testing the Taqwa of some people around the world! Fasting long hours is not an easy task in Ramadan, especially when you’re living abroad.  Not just that, but it can be pretty exhausting followed by work, children, house chores and what not! Let alone fasting, finding a Halal eatery for Iftar and Sehri can be a major concern if you’re not at home. And, this time, it is a concern for our famous Singer – Atif Aslam!

Atif Aslam 1

Source: Twitter

The famous heartthrob, Atif Aslam is currently in Zürich, Switzerland, and witnessing fasts for almost 19 hours! Which means, Muslims only have about five hours between Iftar and Suhour. That’s a lot! He recently uploaded a video where he was out in the rain, on the streets of Zürich at 3 AM, searching for a Halal eatery so he could have his Sehri. We think it was actually cute! Hehe! Here’s the clip:

It can be petrifying to think about Halal food when you’re visiting abroad or planning to settle down for good! How do people manage? It is indeed a challenge for all the Muslims living in countries where they don’t have many Halal eateries near them. But, what Atif Aslam did was heartwarming!

Kudos to the superstar for going out in the rain, that too at 3 AM for finding something Halal to eat. Not everyone can manage to do so! We hope the eatery he went to in the video offered some Halal food! Atif Aslam’s fans are going to love him even more after this! We already do!


May Allah give patience and make it easier for those who are fasting for such long hours in different parts of the world and may He accepts everyone’s fast and ibadah this Ramadan. Ameen!

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