Atif Aslam Breaks the Internet Again With Soulful Recitation Of Asma Ul Husna

Atif Aslam Asma ul husna

From Tajdar e Haram to Wohi Khuda Hai. From Azaan to Asma ul Husna. We can’t help but be eternally mesmerized by Atif Aslam’s such soulful performances. It is as if he is gifted with the best of talents and he knows well how and where to use it. Hence, the ever-green additions to Coke Studio’s profile.

Atif Aslam’s groundbreaking performances

Coke Studio knows how to run their show, which is why they don’t risk with any other artist than the maestro Atif Aslam himself to commence their seasons. Every year Atif Aslam’s fans wait for this season as if only to slip under the spell of his melodious talent. They all know it – if not him, then who?

The interesting fact is, he always goes for the classics and does justice to them. The Qalaams that have revolutionized eras, changed time become his pick, and every single time they break the internet. How? His vocals are magical and we can all agree on that. The notes that he can touch, only suit the maestro’s vocals.

He is justly gifted and we are truly blessed to be born in the times when he’s alive. He is going to be a huge inspiration for the next generations to come.

UK high commissioner’s pick

It was only a few weeks ago when British High Commissioner to Pakistan and digital diplomat Dr. Christian Turner, shared Tajdar-e-Haram on Twitter. He tweeted some words in praise of Atif Aslam’s singing and honored him being the right choice for Ramadan.

He wrote, “I am told I should get to know more Pakistani music – a colleague recommended this by Atif Aslam as a Ramazan favorite which I enjoyed.”

And then just a few hours ago, he again tweets in praise of Atif Aslam’s latest: Asma ul Husna.

“Another recommendation from a Pakistani friend: Atif Aslam recites the 99 names, an expression of hope, reassurance, and healing in these difficult times.”

Well, hasn’t he said it right? These times of coronavirus have been immensely difficult on many of us. Not many days ago did Atif Aslam called Azaan to uplift the spirit of his nation. It was all over the internet, and now this: the most beautiful of all – 99 names of Allah. Coke studio captioned the video with the words, “A humble expression of hope and solidarity, as we stand with humanity in these times.”

Asma ul Husna

Like last year, Coke Studio commenced their season with a beautiful hamd “Wohi Khuda Hai” and it was coincidentally also Friday when it released. And similarly, the 99 names of Almighty which certainly brought peace to our disturbed hearts was also released on Friday, according to the Islamic calendar.

This Asma ul Husna has been airing on TV from the times of antennae and a single TV channel PTV on our TVs, playing the recording every morning. Hence the sense of nostalgia to it. It is bitter-sweet in a beautiful way.

I believe releasing this to coincide with the first five great nights, Lailatul Qadr is the best decision made by Coke studio thus far. We all needed this.

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