Asim Azhar “Dard”  Is Trending On YouTube

Asim Azhar's Dard

Winter nights might be lonely, leaving you desiring heartfelt, sad tunes, but don’t worry, we’ve got the ideal track for you! Asim Azhar, a singer-songwriter, has released a new single this week by asim azhar’s dard, and the lyrics will remind you of heartbreak even whether you’re in a great relationship or single by choice.

Dard, written by Kunaal Verma and directed by Yasir Jaswal, became viral on YouTube within 24 hours of its premiere. The song depicts actor Durefishan Saleem shattering our singer’s heart, leaving him for good, and forcing him to express his anguish into a ballad that would warm many hearts. And, of course, this brings him all of the world’s success.

The song reflects the pain that comes with love, depicting a fantastic tale of love, deception, betrayal, and heartbreak. It reminds you that love is a gamble that is worth taking but can be disastrous if it goes wrong. It’s about how our hearts continue to yearn for people who have caused us the most pain.

Asim Azhar’s Dard Video

The song’s music video begins with a dapper Asim waiting for his beau (Durefishan) in the dressing room just minutes before his live show, only to discover that she is no longer coming. As the song begins, he goes into flashbacks and then plays the love tale he imagined he’d have for the rest of his life.

Throughout the song, the couple has amazing chemistry that is so genuine that you can watch it burn out in the latter part. We witness Durefishan envious of all the women Asim gets to work with during his song shoots and the celebrity that comes with his name. Simultaneously, we witness him make every attempt to keep the love alive – but it is unavoidable.

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