Singer Asim Azhar Requests PM Imran Khan To Lift Ban On PUBG

Singer Asim Azhar Requests Prime Minister Imran Khan To Lift Ban On PUBG

Asim Azhar Urges Prime Minister Imran Khan To Life The Ban On PUBG

Millions of gamers have trended #ImranKhanPUBGKholo on Twitter. They are urging the Prime Minister to unban the online game PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG). Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued a detailed order justifying the blocking of the online game.

While some tweets are overflowing with rage, others are brimming with the blues from the youth. The youth is highly disappointed in PM Imran who appeared as a youth-oriented leader to them.

Asim Azhar Urges Prime Minister Imran Khan To Life The Ban On PUBG

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Asim Azhar opposes PUBG ban in Pakistan

Singer-turned actor Asim Azhar has strongly opposed the PUBG ban. Following the PTA announcement that it will not unban the game despite orders from the Islamabad High Court, the singer took his two cents to Twitter.

Asim Azhar Urges Prime Minister Imran Khan To Life The Ban On PUBG

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In addition to this, the singer first clarified that he never played this online game. However, he supported freedom of expression and was against the ban on any platform including games. Moreover, Asim also talked about how it took years to come back from the YouTube ban in 2012 that negatively impacted the content creation in Pakistan.

The young singer who sang Bewafa also shared a video explaining the reason behind him supporting the movement towards unbanning PUBG. Asim talked about how he also became a victim of the YouTube ban in Pakistan in 2012.

The Pakistani singer further wrote about how he was so against the banning of culture in Pakistan. Asim believes the government should focus on the education system instead, and invest there so that the youth is capable of making wise decisions themselves instead of being forced by banning entire platforms. Could he be any more right?

Wait, there’s more to it…

While speaking about the PUBG ban, Asim also addressed the youth regarding the use of hate speech. The singer requested everyone who stands against the banning of the game to avoid using any hate speech. In addition to this, Asim said he understands how frustrating and daunting the matter is.

He showed some optimism by showing his confidence in the PM Imran, saying that he was unlikely to disappoint the youth.

The Tum Tum singer also asked the social media activist Waqar Zaka if he could be of any help in the attempts of getting the ban on PUBG lifted in Pakistan.

Additionally, he spelled out that the PUBG ban nationwide was not only about some game but instead the digital future of Pakistan.

Last week, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry also opposed the ban on the popular game. However, PTA has disregarded the order of the Islamabad High Court to lift the ban and decided to keep it banned.


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