Asim Azhar’s Comeback Song At Coke Studio With Momina Mustehsan Is Making Even His Haters Love It!

Asim Azhar made his second Coke Studio appearance in the episode 6 of season 9. His first performance in the last season didn’t quite go as well as he would have expected seeing the criticism it got. This time it was different. The young guy was appreciated by even those who were never his fans because this season you get a new and improved Asim Azhar.

The song Tera Woh Pyar (Nawazishein Karam) composed beautifully Shuja Haider was performed by Momina Mustehsan alongside Asim Azhar. Asim Azhar did so good that some people thought he overshadowed Momina.

Here is what people have to say about his performance.

1. First of all they were surprised.

Yes honestly a song featuring Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar, Pakistani awaam would not really expect anything from it because it has become “cool” to hate both of them these days even if they do good. But not this time. This time they shut their haters up.

2. Asim Azhar appreciation.

Compared to his last performance, the lad came a long way. The song was beautiful.

3. The improvements.

Asim can now finally say “nEed NeW HatErzz OLd onEz STarted LovinG Mehh!!!” like a pindi boy.

4. Momina wasn’t the only cutie in the song.

Not only with his voice but his cuteness he managed to impress girls too.

5. Haters turning into fans.

There are many like these. Who never liked Asim Azhar for reasons but this time they couldn’t help but appreciate it.

6. Yes it is.

If you still dislike the song tou maslaa aap main hai, Asim Azhar ya Momina Mustehsan main nahi.

7. Actually yaar, I mean for real.

Yes fine it’s hard to believe it’s Asim Azhar. Asim Azhar and good songs don’t relate but stop being mean. Give it a listen it is beautiful.

Put your blind hate aside for a moment and appreciate the efforts they make to give you something nice to listen to.

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