DG ISPR Labels CAB Bill Protest The Beginning Of India’s End!

CAB Bill 2019

It was only a matter of time when the Muslims of India would rise against the oppression they have silently been suffering at the hands of their Hindu-extremist leaders and the Prime Minister, for decades. The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB bill 2019) and population verification was the last straw that has taken Indian in the grip of an uprising.

Indian is at war with itself. Pakistan’s DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor also spoke regarding this, reminding India of its own follies.

Jamia millia protest

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The nation-wide protests involving students turn violet; increasing Indian police brutalities.

New Delhi, in particular, has become a war-zone with police attacking the protestors and dispersing them at a major university. Jamia Millia Islamia University students also took part in the protest against the ‘anti-Muslim’ bill. Unfortunately, three buses were set ablaze – as the protest turned violent, Sunday evening.

CAB Bill Protest 2019

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Students of the university blame the outsiders for instigating violence. They said, “We have time and again maintained that our protests are peaceful and non-violent. We stand by this approach and condemn any party involved in the violence.”. Moreover, speaking about the police’s unlawful behavior towards them, the students informed the publications that the police are actively using tear-gas and batons against them. In addition, tear-gas was shot even inside the libraries, making the university extremely unsafe for the peaceful students protesting. Now, all major gates of the university remain sealed.

Jamia Millia CAB protest

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The armed forces of India made the institution unsafe for female students; explains a distraught Jamia student.

Female students narrate the unacceptable behavior of the Indian armed forces. She explains that they didn’t even spare the female hostels in a bid to “stop the protest”.

Arif Alvi shares another devastated female student’s narration of the ground realities.

The police’s barbarity against female students continues in the name of duty.

DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor contemplates India’s end in the light of this uprising.

India’s Hindutva government reaping what it sowed; says Asif Ghafoor.

CAB bill 2019 protest is a “rightfully powerful storm”, against India. In addition, DG ISPR hinting towards the pro-Hindu accounts that suddenly became Muslims overnight to spew their “support” for the controversial bill.

“Beginning of the end”

India with its slowing economy is now facing an issue that the leaders were brewing themselves. Marginalizing 200 Million Indian Muslims will not be as easy as they have planned since the beginning. It wasn’t long that the Muslims would stand-up for their due rights which Modi led India is forcefully snatching by passing bills that only favor the others except for the Muslim minorities. The slow death of India’s Hindutva ideology has begun.

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