Major General Asif Ghafoor Called Out India Over Its Failed Space Mission!

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Major General Asif Ghafoor mentioned India’s failed space mission and connected it with the communication failures in Kashmir, and addressed that Pakistan isn’t “jealous” of any of India’s achievements.



Basically, a vehicle called Chandrayaan-2, by India, launched for the moon and had to land onto the lunar surface by the 7th of September. However, all contact with the lander seemed to be cut off, and there was no response. For now, there is absolute no contact with the vehicle at all, at this point.

This has gained media coverage from all over the world while the mysterious communication failure is still keeping Indians on edge. Though, this isn’t the perfect time for India to witness such a failure as the Kashmir crisis is still a huge issue occurring within the world at the moment.

Major General’s Opinion On India’s Unaccomplished Mission: 

This is the element that the Major General Asif Ghafoor picked on to address that India has mourned the loss of their vehicle but not of the innocent people suffering in the region of Kashmir. He, again, took to Twitter to mention, “Loss of 900 Billions to Indian govt for losing communication with Chandrayan2. How much for blocking communication in IOJ&K? Much much more…. and not financially alone. In Shaa Allah”

Kashmir has been suffering from a communication blackout for a decent amount of time now. Families are unable to contact with their loved ones because of the selfishness of the Indian government. This is why it seems ironic to weep over the communication failure of a machine rather than actual lives. Not to mention, India is directly involved in the destruction of the region after they removed Article 370 without the consent of the citizens of Kashmir.

He Clarified India’s Allegations Towards Pakistan: 

Source: Newztoday

General Ghafoor also shared a video on his Instagram that displays an Indian news channel criticizing Pakistan for having an involvement in the discrepancy of the space mission. The man in the video is heard saying that it could have been Nasa’s fault for all we know. He also added that Nasa probably joined hands with Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to develop loop holes within the project. In a sense the man also somehow accused Pakistan of jealousy by saying that if India reaches five years earlier, Pakistan would have to evaluate its status as a powerful nation.

Anyone with a normal or basic understanding of the current condition of the world would understand that these claims are unnecessary and false. It is clear as day that India couldn’t handle the sudden loss and once again wishes to place the blame on Pakistan. The sad part of it all is that it can also convince international media of such fake news and claim an ‘upper-hand’ around the world.



Calling out the absurd claims made by the Indian television host, General Ghafoor had to set the man straight. He said,  Here it comes… never too late. Pakistanis aren’t jealous especially for a step that has the potential to serve human progress, by whosoever. Keep trying”



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