DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor Gently Reminded SRK Of The Reality, Advising Him To Do The Right Thing For Once!

India is notoriously known for portraying Muslims and Pakistanis in a bad light in their Bollywood movies, fanning the already false image that they have been trying to circulate worldwide since the very beginning; that of a terrorist. Recently, with the rising aggression and human rights violation in IOJ&K [Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir], the same Bollywood fell silent. The atrocities committed by their army and police in Kashmir were brought to the world’s attention and these celebrities, in turn, supported their Prime Minister Modi and his Hindutva ideologies.

On top of this, Shahrukh Khan quite recently announced his upcoming Netflix espionage drama, Bard of Blood by tweeting its trailer, where he has conveniently portrayed Pakistanis as the bad guy. During these tough and heated times between the two nations, these mega-stars need to act as advocates of peace and harmony, but loyal to their craft and Hindu extremist rulers, they are destined to create more unrest and hatred through such series.

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However, DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor replied to SRK’s tweet advising him to use his star-power for the right cause, for a change.

Major General Asif Ghafoor tweeted, ” Stay in Bollywood syndrome @iamsrk. For reality see RAW Spy Kulbhushan Jadev, Wing Comd Abhinandan & state of 27 Feb 2019. You could rather promote peace & humanity by speaking against atrocities in IOJ&K and against Hindituva of Nazism obsessed RSS.

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A friendly reminder indeed. While Indians try to glorify themselves as the victors and “saviors” in movies and series, their credibility has been stained by the harsh reality that doesn’t favor this ‘acted-out fantasies’. Asif Ghafoor tagged SRK and called him out on his deliberate ignorance to the real issues. He is considered the ‘king of Bollywood’ with millions of fans across the world and yet he chooses to stay quiet on the occupied-Kashmir issue including their ‘Nazism obsessed RSS government’, as DGISPR called it.

Asif Ghafoor’s reply irks Indians but is well-received otherwise with people supporting his words.

Ali Gul Pir, a rapper and stand-up comedian replies to DGISPR and doesn’t shy away in suggesting on making a film as a response to SRK’s with a plot that mocks the Indians.

Pakistanis much like Ghafoor, help to remind SRK about India’s shameful reality.

Point well made.

Take this with a pinch of salt, dear brothers and sisters on the other side of the border.

SRK has turned out to be a disappointment. These celebrities could make a large impact with their mere words and yet, someone as famous, loved and respected like Shahrukh Khan chose to make an anti-Pakistan series, furthering the decades-old tradition of portraying Pakistanis and Muslims as villains. Disappointing.

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