‘Asif Ali Remember The Name’ – Pakistan Beats Afghanistan In Style

What is happening? Pakistan three matches and three wins that’s insane. Last night whatever happened no one can ever forget and especially those four massive sixes.

Pakistan has beaten Afghanistan in a thrilling match where Asif Ali once again demolished the opponent’s winning dream.

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Yes! In the second last over, Asif Ali finished the game with four sixes that no one expected. It was like Pakistan one time down and the next minute up moment for the fans out there.

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It was the heavy blow by Pakistan, the match reminded the 2019 World Cup where Pakistan had beaten Afghanistan in the same intense situation.

Let’s look at the last night’s intense match highlights and reenjoy Asif Ali’s final innings.

Pakistan has beaten Afghanistan – Lord Asif Ali

Afghanistan won the toss and chose to bat first. Pakistani bowlers from the beginning started putting pressure and took early wickets. Their dominancy can be seen with the early wickets taken by bowlers and important ones.

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But Afghanistan settled and took the charge to reach enough targets to stop Pakistan. They finished the innings with 147.

The second innings began and in the first over same thing happened. Afghanistan took the first wicket and sent Muhammad Rizwan to the pavilion. Then Fakhar Zaman and the skipper Babar Azam gradually increase the scoreboard.

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But couldn’t keep the long partnership and Fakhar Zaman got out. The same thing happened with Muhammed Hafeez too.

Shoaib Malik settled with Babar Azam and the skipper scored the fifty. But Rashid Khan bowled him and made the match more intense.

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Just like New Zealand’s match Asif Ali and Shoaib Malik handled the situation. But Malik also got out. Now people were all dependent on Asif Ali, the second last over of the match started, and guess what?

Bang on, Asif Ali sabotaged the bowler with four huge sixes and gave the nation a big victory. Asif Ali for the second time became the hero for the nation and team Pakistan. He proved that the selection team made the right choice.

Happy skipper Babar Azam

Babar Azam on the winning an intense match, “We started well with the bowl, got a lot of wickets as we planned. Maybe gave away 10-15 runs too many at the end.

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With the bat, we couldn’t capitalize the powerplay as we wanted to. In the end, with Malik and Asif Ali, we knew they could do the job.

He (Asif Ali) is known for this and I was confident pre-tournament itself that he would deliver when needed.”

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Asif Ali player of the match has something to say, “I would like to congratulate Pakistani and all our fans. I was confident of finishing it off from this end and that’s what I told Shoaib Malik before he got out.

I was talking to Shoaib when I walked in to bat and I told him that I was confident enough of getting 20-25 in one over against Karim Janat, which I did.”

Losing captain Mohammad Nabi

“We didn’t start well but the total on the board was a decent one for this pitch. We discussed that 150 would be a good score and so we dug deep.

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And then got some runs in the last few overs. I think three spinners are enough. Rashid bowled at the right time and we tried to take the game deep.

Asif Ali played well in the 19th over. A lot of positives from today’s game. We fought well till the end”.

Pakistan looks like not stopping at all. With the third victory, they qualified for the Semi-finals.

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