Viral Couple Asad & Nimra Gather Millions Of Views On TikTok & Youtube

asad nimra tiktok

The Asad-Nimra couple fever hasn’t cooled down yet, with them posting on social media, as they plan to start their Youtube channel. The couple will now be posting TikTok videos collectively.

asad nimra tiktok

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How did the Couple go viral?

In a society where the decision to get married requires pragmatic thinking along the way. Some involve their families and some think of first competing with the world. However, these two broke the long going trend by marrying at the age of 18.

The couple went against all odds, shattering all the societal concepts. It is said that both of them met at Asad’s sister’s wedding. The duo fell in love with each other and later got married under the influence of their parents.

asad nimra tiktok

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Starting their First Youtube Channel

In an interview, the duo told the reporters that both of them have their own Youtube channels on which they mostly post TikTok videos. Asad’s fascination for TikTok developed after his own sister Zarpash Khan became a TikTok sensation overnight. Although, both of them covered their marriage story and posted it on youtube.

Here’s the video coverage of their marriage posted on their channel!

Sharing a Youtube channel together, the couple has posted certain videos until now. They made their channel a week ago, and have managed to garner a significant amount of audience. Since they are youngsters, the content in their videos is expected to be lauded by the youngsters of this generation.

The couple also posted a video five days ago, sharing cherishing moments from their vacation trip to Murree!

Undoubtedly, the videos that the couple has uploaded until now, mostly depict normal content which is likely similar to that of other TikTokers. However, the one thing that sets them apart from others is flaunting their relationship under the marriage bond. It should be noted that the cultural and societal barriers in Pakistan, limit other TikTok couples to exhibit their content.

The media coverage of the Lahore based couple’s wedding previously went viral over most of the social media platforms. Nonetheless, the young adorable couple has the desire to travel all around the world together. Indeed, the 18-year-olds showed more maturity than many grown individuals these days by opting for a Halal way.

With that being said, Asad and Nimra’s couple is the only one to post TikTok videos collectively and regularly, garnering huge engagement.

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