YouTuber Asad and Nimra Choose Not to Share Family Vlogs for Islam

YouTuber Asad and Nimra Choose Not to Share Family Vlogs for Islam

Asad and Nimra, popular Pakistani YouTubers, made waves in 2020 when they got married at a young age. Their wedding photos went viral, capturing the hearts of many fans. The couple, who also started vlogging on YouTube, received praise from millions of followers. Recently, Asad shared a video on social media, explaining why he won’t be filming family content anymore.

Asad addressed the inquiries from fans about why he stopped sharing family moments. He explained, ‘I made a quick decision to stop posting family content. Often, we chase after money and worldly desires without considering Allah and Islamic teachings. I read something about actions that may not be forgiven, including disrespect to parents, dressing like another gender, and showing one’s wife to the world. After reading it, I decided to stop posting family content instantly. I’ll continue vlogging, featuring myself and Azlan, sharing good content without showing other family members.’ You can watch the video here.

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People are praising Asad’s decision and offering prayers. Fans express their support, vowing to continue watching his content. One social media user wrote, ‘In the end, everyone will turn to Allah.’ Fans also extended prayers to other YouTubers who frequently appear on camera, appreciating Asad’s courage in making such a strong decision. Supporters are standing by him and praying for his commitment to this choice. Read the heartwarming comments below.

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