As You Sow So Shall You Reap; Are You Sowing The Right Seed?

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Flashback to high school biology lesson!

You probably hated plants , didn’t you? Remember how you would rigorously try to memorize all the plant names , and the process of photosynthesis and germination etc.  You would dread those classes , and would rather be at some party hosted by the most elite kids in the school. College was probably the last thing on your mind, and the only thing you could think of, was that girl in calculus with you. Or that new movie that released that day , the one which  you and your mates were planning to go to.


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Now fast-forward to your future…

You’re probably on the threshold of getting that job. Or getting that house. And whatever else our adult mind opts to embrace. Stress and worries cloud your head , and your shoulders sag with the weight of the world upon them. Yet you choose to smile. Choose to act like nothing could ever penetrate your facade.

We may see no correlation to our kid selves and our adult selves. But time and time again we see ourselves nosediving into the past and pondering on the ‘what ifs’. What if we had done so and so and we could reap its benefits now? What if we had chosen something else instead of the former and not be swimming in a pool full of regrets? What if , instead of wading through these treacherous seas , we could have chosen a safer option? A boat perhaps? Better than tiring our muscles right?


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It all begins with sowing the seed. We may not see it , but we humans are so much like the plants. We start out as tiny shoots , and grow into something more beautifully complex. Our choices in life nurture us. Our ideas and our beliefs are the stems that root us firmly to the ground. Our  paths in life branch out, and you have a full fledged plant now; mature and healthy!

But harsh times befall us. Oh yes they do. Storms and winds try to blow us over. The obstacles in life wear us down. Toxic people pollute our being. And as a result we begin to wilt and slowly , we die out.

So now one may ask , “And what may be the purpose of this?”.


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There is no purpose and yet there is one. A contradiction yes , but depends on what we make of it. By sowing the seed in the right soil , in the right place , at the right time , we can surely make the most of this fragile life we live. It may not always be a ball , but if we choose to , we can withstand the storms and oppose the obstacles and maybe even come out unscathed.

It all really depends on what you make of it. Most of the time.

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