Adventurous Honeymooners Out There, This Samundar Katha Lake In Galiyat Is The Best Place To Be!

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has been working ardently towards making his vision of establishing tourism in Pakistan a reality. In an effort to promote tourism around the world, there is a need for proper attraction spots that includes comfortable lounging, eateries and an organized system that manages concerned activities. All this was lacking before and Pakistan’s potential of becoming one of the most sorted out countries for vacations, exploration and adventure were going to waste.

However, several tangible projects have been executed to further the aim of attracting local and foreign tourists, after the current government took charge. Furthermore, K-P (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa) government has been on this case since the beginning as they recently inaugurated an artificial lake that has a lot to offer.

This man-made lake is located in Galiyat and goes by the name Samundar Katha Lake!

Via Twitter/PTIOfficial

This lake isn’t just another boring spot with touched-pictures circulating online. In fact, the latest updates of this developing tourist attraction that has now been opened for visitors were shared by the PM Imran Khan himself on his social media accounts, validating its progress and showing a picture that depicts an exciting place to visit with your family, friends or with significant other.

Situated between the beautiful hills, this lake is a sight to behold!

Via Twitter/PTIOfficial

Galiyat Development Authority (GDA) Spokesperson Ihsan Hameed speaking on the current project and future plans on promoting tourism, said, “We have been working on improving new tourist spots in the Galiyat area,”, Moreover, Hameed informed about a large amount that the provincial government has allocated in the Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the development of tourism areas.

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This scenic spot offers rafting, swings and upcoming water games that are to be held in the near future by the provincial government!

A video capturing the beauty of this lake was shared by the PM and it looks absolutely breathtaking.

KP Government's newly built tourist spot in Galiyat is one of the latest attractions.

KP Government's newly built tourist spot in Galiyat is one of the latest attractions. Samundar Katha Lake, near Barra Gali is now open for public, and tourists have already started visiting this new attraction. Think #Tourism, Think #Pakistan .

Gepostet von Imran Khan (official) am Freitag, 23. August 2019

Tourists have started to visit this place and it seems to be going very well so far. With the added activities and games, this lake will surely gain traction. The future of tourism in Pakistan is bright and with the funds being utilized to the fullest and with complete honesty, Pakistan will thrive internationally on the tourism front.

Northern Pakistan is gifted by God and there have been beautiful luxury resorts in Hunza catering to newlyweds as their destination honeymoon spot and with the picked-up pace by the inauguration of this lake in Galiyat, Pakistan’s sure to land as one of the top places for foreigners to visit.

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