Model Who Claimed to Have Slept with Shahid Afridi Spills the Beans on the Truth

Ages ago, a South Indian model and actress, Arshi Khan presented an outrageous claim. She said that she had sex with Shahid Afridi and even went on to tweet about it. It sent people across two borders in a war of words and arguments. As usual, Indians took the chance and played the card of defaming as well as pulling dirt on Afridi.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis did not react much as they already knew it was a baseless rumor, a product of sheer attention sought by an irrelevant celebrity. Of course, you and I, unfortunately, got to know who Arshi Khan is. It might have worked for the model but we are never going to buy it. Obviously, Afridi went numb to the rumor and he let it past as he normally would an obnoxious rumor.

Here is her tweet about Shahid Afridi that sent social media across 2 borders into a meltdown…

Now, this lady has spilled the truth. She is a contestant on a reality TV show in India and continues to make headlines. In one of the episodes, she talked about the rumor and her claim of having slept with Shahid Afridi.

Talking to Bollywood prodigy Salman Khan, she pilled the beans! Arshi Khan now claims that it was all a JOKE. See guys, it was just a joke and she thinks she could get away with maligning a noble athlete’s image like that.

Let that sink in…

While the rest of us are like:

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Everyone knew it was a baseless claim and had not even 0.0000001% truth to it. People wanted Arshi Khan to come clean and admit the truth herself.

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