Indian Actor Arshad Warsi Seeks Help From Fans To Pay His Electricity Bill

Arshad Warsi electricity bill

Often we think that people from the showbiz industry don’t have to face the problems of a common man. However, we are mistaken and it is just not true. Bollywood actor, Arshad Warsi, has recently tweeted about his electricity bill. The actor complained about the huge bill he got and announced that he would have to sell his paintings to pay the sum.

On Twitter, the actor said, “People please buy my paintings, I need to pay my Adani electric bill, kidneys am keeping for the next bill.”

Moreover, the actor is so frustrated that he said, he is keeping his kidneys for the bill. This is quite strange that actor like, Arshad Warsi who has a shiny Bollywood career is irked against the electricity bill. Even if he has posted the tweet in jest, it is obvious the bill is quite heavy in amount.

Besides, the actor also said on his official Twitter handle, “And yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Quick response from @Adani_Elec_Mum problem solved. All you have to do is contact them…. thank you.”

The problem the actor faced due to electricity has been resolved.

Here’s how people on social media responded to the humorous tweet of Arshad Warsi.


Ah oH!

HaHa! A famous line from one of his films

Haha, nailed it

In conclusion, the tweet of Arshad Warsi depicts humor. However, it is also a sure fact that he had received a bill with quite an amount.

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