Arshad Khan aka The Heartthrob Chaiwala Stars In His Very First Music Video

Arshad Khan a.k.a. The Heartthrob Chaiwala Stars In His Very First Music Video

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It hasn’t been long since the internet was swept off its feet by a picture of a starkly handsome, blue-eyed chai maker. Hailing the power of social media, he was located in his humble dhaba in Islamabad (much to the relief of women around the world, let’s face it, we all wanted to know more about the dreamy boy), and from then on it was a roller coaster ride for 18-year-old Arshad Khan.

Journalists squared in on him, wanting to get every detail of his life as possible. Soon after, he landed a modeling contract with Life turned upside down for Arshad as he appeared in morning shows like Good morning Pakistan, viewed on television screens all over the nation.


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Well, it looks like the journey is still going strong for Arshad because now he is the subject of a song called… yep, you guessed it “Chaiwala”, composed by a fellow named Asad Ishaq.

Opening with a scene of a news reporter presenting to you the hotness of chai wala as a breaking news. The song goes on further showcasing Arshad looking prim as always, clad in a suit complete with a rose in his pocket… serving tea.

The singer describes his fame using words like “Iska hai andaz nirala” and “Mujhay ab samajh ayi ke lerkion se ziada lerkay therki hain” all the while our famed chai wala himself runs his hands through his hair, fixes, and coat and does his best to give smoldering looks at the camera.

Watch the music video here:

Even though Arshad Khan looks cute as ever in this music video, viewers can’t help but feel a little embarrassed with lyrics like “meri sunn, apni na suna. Ja ke aik cup chai bana” along with the naïve look on Arshad’s face, quite identical to the one he sported in Nida Yasir’s show, where she bombarded him with blunt questions using a disrespectful tone. The look which makes you uncannily realize that he doesn’t really comprehend what’s going on around him.

The singers continue to chant “chaiwala chaiwala” in the chorus, and while we can all enjoy some good humor from it, it’s a little difficult to overlook the attention-seeking motive of the singers, almost like they’re trying to ride on his fame.

Nevertheless, it’s overall a good composition and we’re all grateful for another hearty glimpse at the handsome Arshad Khan!

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