Arsalan Who Tortured His Mother In Viral Video Now Seeks Forgiveness From Her After Arrest

Arsalan Who Tortured His Mother In Viral Video Seeks Forgiveness From Her After Arrest

A video posted by a girl Zoobia Meer surfaced on the Internet last night left us all speechless. She recorded her brother, named Arsalan Meer, in a shameless act of brutally beating his mother. Social media users all over Pakistan erupted in anger and demanded justice for Zoobia Meer.

We could see his wife encouraging him to torture and ruthlessly hit his helpless mother in the video. Apart from this, the lack of mercy showcased in the viral video deeply shocked the entire nation.

Pakistani netizens are extremely enraged over the incident. Not only this but they also demand the unleashed monster to face the worst consequences of his actions. The entire nation has been devasted ever since the video surfaced on social media platforms.

Initially, the police had arrested the culprit. However, on offering a bribe to the greedy police officials, they set him free. Zobia Meer appealed to the entire nation, whoever came across the video, for justice for her helpless mother.

In addition, Rawalpindi Police ensured that a case has been registered against Arsalan and his wife for beating the mother, and Zobia. They also ensured that action will be taken and the accused will be brought to justice according to the law.

Arsalan Who Tortured His Mother In Viral Video Seeks Forgiveness From Her After Arrest

Source: Twitter

Fortunately, Rawalpindi police have finally arrested the accused. Additionally, the Superintendent of Police Atif Nazir has taken to his Twitter to share the good news.

Arsalan Meer confesses to his crime & seeks forgiveness

What a pity! He confesses to his heinous and inhuman act of beating his mother. According to the video, he claims that his mother was giving his wife a hard time. Moreover, he adds that there were some issues going on in the family which ‘burdened’ him, and ‘pressurized’ him.

In addition to this, the man who is abhorred by the entire nation seeks forgiveness from his mother. He also apologizes to all the mothers in Pakistan.

Twitteratis demand to make an example out of him!

Punjab Police said on Twitter Arsalan was included in the investigation after being granted interim bail.

How can anything at all even justify what he did? Nothing in the world, nothing, can ever justify hitting your mother. Whatever he and his wife did is purely sadistic. Hence, imprisoning him is not sufficient enough punishment for his monstrous act.


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