Govt Reassesses Arrangement For Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Pakistan Tour

XI Jinping coming to Pakistan

Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Pakistan soon, as Pakistan makes sure to make proper arrangements for his visit. Ties between Pakistan and China have always been stronger for many years.

Chinese Ambassador discusses arrangments

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador Yao Jin has recently met with Advisor on Finance and Revenue, Hafeez Sheikh to discuss the delicacy of the matter. Both had a deep discussion about the preparations that were in the process, to make sure of the arrangement.

China's president with our president

Source: The Nation

Pakistan and China have been on good terms for a long time now, their friendship has been covered in songs. Reviewing the scenario, Hafeez Sheikh said that Pakistan values their bond with China and they are more than eager to give the Chinese President a warm welcome. Adding, that they will welcome the President with the highest respect and regard.

Regardless, Advisor mentioned that they are thankful to China for persistent and perpetual support. Pakistan could not have made it through the FATF meetings if they did not have support from brotherly nations.

Furthermore, being a gentleman, Hafeez Sheikh condoled the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus. We have been hearing many cases as of this morning, Iranian mayor was diagnosed positive of Coronavirus. We hope that everyone gets better in the process.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

As we all know that Pakistan and China have been good friends for the past two decades. Regardless, we are proud of the governments who have always shown their interest in each other, making sure the other is happy. Taking interest in international politics, China has always spoken out for Pakistan.

Pakistan has not remained silent either, they have always shown their support to China, no matter what happened. It is mostly understood that the advent of CPEC is going to drive Pakistan’s economy to new heights. However, in recent developments, not much progress has been made. Since many Pakistanis were hoping CPEC to open new opportunities; jobs and revenue, something doesn’t seem to pan out.

However, from having cross marriages between the two nations to girls being smuggled to China, we have seen it all. Regardless of whatever happened between China and Pakistan, the bond stayed strong. Let’s hope for the best in future and hope that CPED does what it promised.

Furthermore, Pakistan is trying its best to open gates to international business. We are looking forward to international sports and trying to strengthen our bonds with other countries.

Nonetheless, we were delighted when the Turkish President- Erdogan condemned that massacre and injustice done by India in Kashmir. We stand with all those oppressed and we support all our brotherly nations. Pakistan has always supported and did their best to strengthen their ties with other countries.

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