Here's What Different People on Social Media Say about Imaan Mazari's Derogatory Comments

Here’s What Different People on Social Media Say about Imaan Mazari’s Derogatory Comments

Imaan Mazari, daughter of PTI parliamentarian Shireen Mazari is surrounded by a tidal wave of controversy. Just lately, she made a video on Twitter where she was seen abusing Pakistan Army and used derogatory comments. Her video circulated all over social media and shortly after it got viral, her Twitter account was suspended.

Here is what Imaan Mazari had to say:

The video message from Shireen Mazari's daughter

Posted by Saeed Shah on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It did not receive well at all with Pakistanis on social media…

People found her comments extremely bad in taste

Comments followed one after another, nobody found her stance reasonable

Also, many people started questioning why her account was suspended on the basis of it?

As usual, the army PR did not react to her comments. Shireen Mazari, the mother also did not support her daughter’s remarks. She tweeted her whole opinion on Twitter and clearly mentioned her views differ.

This is what Shireen Mazari said:

Her tweet followed more comments:

PTI’s lawmaker’s tweet sparked a whole debate that followed tweets after tweets of different people

Imaan Mazari’s comments took a toll on social media; here’s what another guy says:

So, out of nowhere, Imaan Mazari dropped a bombshell on social media and people are not having it at all. What are your views on the whole matter?

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