Army Chief Visits UK And Meets With The Britain’s Top Officials For Enhancing Defence Ties

Pak Army Chief Visits uk

In Pakistan, the Chief Of Army Staff (COAS) is considered as one of the most powerful people. The country is extending its military ties on war-footings. Further, the recent visit of Chief Of Army Staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa to Britain is worth considering.

According to ISPR, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa met Chief of Defence Staff United Kingdom General Sir Nick Carter.

As per the ISPR, the officers examined the geo-strategic situation and mutual military collaboration between the two nations.

COAS Pakistan Meeting his counterpart in the United Kingdom

Source: Twitter

Inter Service Public Relations ISPR said, “Gen Qamar will discuss matters of mutual interest including evolving geo-strategic environment, defence and security.” 

The Chief Of Army Staff is in the UK on an official visit. He held meetings with superior British civil-military administration

Gen Qamar lectured at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, where he stated, “Pak is at the cusp of achieving sustainable, irreversible, enduring peace & stability. This can be complemented through meaningful international partnership, support & will to take on regional challenges”

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa added, “Improving security situation would attract foreign investment in Pakistan.”. 

Chief of Army Staff said, “International partnership, support and determination also hold importance to cope with regional challenges and foreign investment is key to regional contacts.

Intellectuals and scholars around the globe are considering this visit as of key importance for Pakistan. Besides, establishing good relations with the United Kingdom (UK) will fetch prosperity in Pakistan.

Also, a month ago Pakistan signed a financial agreement with the United Kingdom to counter money laundering.

Pakistan signing financial agreement with the UK

Source: AJJ news

A commission managed by FMU Director General Mansoor Siddiqui endorsed the deal with the United Kingdom’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Moreover, the military relationship with Britain will help to strengthen the capabilities of Pakistani defence forces. In addition, the United Kingdom can assist Pakistan in tackling its financial crises.

In the yesteryears, Pakistan was isolated internationally. Furthermore, the Indian policy of isolating Pakistan internationally worked quite well. In the last ten years, Pakistan failed in making cordial relations with any influential country besides China. However, the country is focusing on extending its relations with the big giants.

In the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit 2019 Pakistan showcased the policy of friendly relationships with every country.

Imran Khan during SCO summit

Source: Rahnuma daily

Prime Minister Imran Khan said in the summit

“Most of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s were spent in the Cold War region, where India was close to the Soviet Union, and Pakistan was close to the United States. We were in different camps. Now things have changed. India is also friendly with the United States, and Pakistan is also friendly with the US. So we no longer have the Cold War situation. It is refreshing that we have developed our contacts with Russia, and they are developing all the time.”

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Replying to the question of Pakistan and India relationships the premier said,

“Actually, the SCO is improving the relationship with all the countries in the SCO areas. Previously, Pakistan’s orientation was more towards the West. Now Pakistan is looking to diversify, find new markets or different relationships with those countries, which we had very nominal relationships [with] before. The SCO countries provide us [with] these fresh outlets and developing our relationship with these countries. And that means, of course, India as well because at the moment our bilateral relationship with India is, probably, at its lowest point. And, yes, it will be an opportunity to speak to the Indian leadership during this SCO conference.”

Hence, the visit of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) to the UK is the output of Pakistan’s friendly foreign policy. Plus, bilateral military cooperation with Britain is the best possible way of enhancing the relations between the two countries.

Gen Bajwa: The Leading Charm At Lords Cricket Ground

COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa reached the Lord’s ground to see the Pakistani team play against South Africa. Along with the Director General ISPR, Major General, Asif Ghafoor, the chief went to the Lord’s stadium.

Additionally, Pakistani crowd cherished the chief and took photographs with him.

Further, the main purpose of visiting the United Kingdom by is not a cricket match but enhancement of the military relations between Pakistan and Britain.

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