Army Chief General Bajwa Gets A Three-Year Extension!

general bajwa extension

Prime Minister Imran Khan has extended the tenure of Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. He is going to be serving the said position for an extra three years.



The Importance Of The Decision: 

The statement regarding the extension said, “General Qamar Javed Bajwa is appointed Chief of Army Staff for another term of three years from the date of completion of current tenure,” to add, “The decision has been taken in view of the regional security environment.”

The reason for not furthering General Bajwa’s retirement seems to be clear. It appears that the Prime Minister wishes to continue on with the same team especially after the tensions between India and Pakistan. The current Kashmir issue has been serious enough for Pakistan to announce that the country will be serving Kashmir till the last soldier is standing. India’s bold decision to remove the special status of the region, has been the talk of the town. And due to this decision the Kashmiri people took to the streets in protest against the unlawful act.

general bajwa extension

Source: The Asian Age

However, as always they are still met with violence and the region is engulfing in genocide as we speak. The two nations appear to be ready for a war that has the potential to break out anytime. Moreover, the issue isn’t light enough to be shrugged off as a simple matter having the ability to be resolved in seconds. Even international media has been involved. Not to mention, India is still manipulating the western world to conform towards their interests. Hence, the they are still catering towards India. However, Muslims all around the world are extending their support towards Pakistan especially because Kashmir is a Muslim-majority region. This is also why mostly Hindu extremists that support PM Modi are appreciating the region’s destruction.



General Bajwa has made sure to make considerable decisions towards India’s cleverness. Therefore, Indian journalists are trying to showcase Imran Khan’s stance to be a failure or nuisance for the country. Bajwa’s extension seems to be the second time a general has experienced a three-year extension. Additionally, this extension also plays a critical role within the peace talks for Afghanistan. Pakistan has been actively involved in the Afghan crisis as well. The country is serving as a way in the middle for the U.S and Afghan Taliban to ensure that the war occurring within Afghanistan sees an end.

Twitter Reacts: 

People are showing their support towards PM Imran Khan’s decision of extension. Here are a couple of tweets that voiced their appreciation towards the situation:

This user mentioned it the extension to be in favor of Pakistan, “General Bajwa will remain Army Chief for another term. This man is pro democracy and did a great job in February standoff with India. At this crucial time when Kashmir is a burning issue the extension of an experienced General should be welcomed”

Once again, according to this user, it is a great decision for Pakistan, “Excellent decision taken by the Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding extension of Army Chief. Pakistan Army is a disciplined institution, extensions or retirements for its officers doesn’t matter. Pakistan comes first. The move has been welcomed by all. Lets focus on India!”



What do you think of the situation? Do you believe that this decision can help the country? Can Pakistan settle the issue with Kashmir without having to go to war with India? Share your thoughts using the links below.

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