Armeena Khan Opens Up About Being Sexually Harassed While Wearing a Burka!

The Pakistani entertainment industry is showing all sorts of colors these days. With Meesha Shafi being the first to share her #MeToo experience a few days ago, Pakistani female and male celebrities are showing their sides of the truth and denial.

Leading names in the industry, while sharing their two cents on Meesha Shafi/Ali Zafar fiasco are sharing their heart-wrenching stories as well. Among various names, Armeena Khan opens up and shares her story.

Armeena’s Incident Doesn’t Revolve A Co-Worker – It Reveals the Bitter Truth of Our Society

People comment on how being sexually harassed is all about how a woman chooses to dress. They talk about how dressing “provokes” a man to touch her inappropriately. Armeena’s incident, just like what women from various parts of the world, reflect on how being sexually harassed has nothing to do with dressing.

Here’s How She Begins to Narrate the Incident

Then She Shared What Happened to Her in Anarkali

And Just ONE Statement Was Enough to Sum Up the Entire Mindset

And Here’s How She Advised Ladies to Come Forward On All Sorts of Matters Regarding Sexual Harassment

And She Mentioned Why She Just Shared her Story With Everyone

An emerging actress like Armeena doesn’t need fame, attention or anything else. So when people start bringing this into the equation, it negates the entire call for help!

Be it Armeena Khan or anyone; be it a rich woman or a poor woman; be it a fully covered woman or be it a less covered woman, being sexually harassed has nothing to do with the victim. About time we understood the difference.


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