Armeena Khan Claims Song Theft by Sonu Nigam: Omer Nadeem Highlights Ongoing Duplicate Issues

Armeena Khan and Omar Nadeem Claims Song Theft by Sonu Nigam

Armeena Khan, a distinguished Pakistani-Canadian actress and model, recently accused the renowned Indian playback singer Sonu Nigam of song theft in a social media post. While Armeena is recognized for her captivating performances in Pakistani dramas and films, she has become equally known for her outspokenness on various social issues.

In a related development, the music industry in Pakistan faces ongoing challenges related to copyright violations, particularly with Indian artists allegedly copying Pakistani songs without due credit. This issue has persisted for years, affecting both legendary figures like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and newer talents.

Adding to the complexity, Pakistani singer Omer Nadeem has come forward with allegations that Sonu Nigam’s recent song, ‘Sun Zara,’ produced in collaboration with DJ Sheizwood for T-Series, is a copy of Nadeem’s 14-year-old track, ‘Aye Khuda.’ Nadeem expressed his frustration with the lack of credit given to him and emphasized the need for acknowledgment in such instances of song replication.

While Armeena Khan’s accusation against Sonu Nigam is part of the broader discussion on duplication in the music industry, Omer Nadeem’s reaction sheds light on the longstanding issue of uncredited song copying between India and Pakistan. The situation highlights the importance of addressing copyright concerns and giving proper recognition to original artists in cross-border collaborations.

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