Arjun Rampal Set To Play Professor In Upcoming Bollywood Money Heist Remake

Before Squid Game, Netflix’s top trending TV show Money Heist was leading the board. It was one of the most anticipating and one of the best shows on Netflix.

Till now five seasons have been released and people are eagerly waiting for part two.

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Meanwhile, there were rumors a few years back, that Bollywood is set to make a remake of Money Heist and Shahrukh Khan’s production would get the rights to the show. But nothing progressed.

Yesterday, the news has been confirmed and along with that they also revealed who’s going to play professor as well.

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It’s kind of a return for the directors as well because the Bollywood duo Abbas Mastan will make a return to Bollywood with this epic remake. People know this duo for many reasons and their outstanding films.

Bollywood set to release Money Heist remake

According to the report, the duo will make the return with the “Three Moneys” which is highly inspired by the show. “The Abbas Mustan duo is getting back to the thriller space with Three Monkeys and is currently all geared up to commence shooting from November 11.

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The script work is done and the current concentration is on to create a massive set in the city,” an insider shared.

“It’s actually on the lines of Money Heist with the premise revolving around three male protagonists and a professor, who is a mastermind of the robbery.

Like all other quintessential Abbas Mustan films, this one too will have hidden motives with every character trying to outplay the other,” the source told the publication.

“It’s not exactly a scene-by-scene remake, but more of a film inspired by the vibe and set up of this iconic series.”

Arjun Rampal aka Professor

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The makers also revealed that Arjun Rampal will play the most favorite character of the show ‘Professor’. “Arjun Rampal’s character is on the lines of Professor from the show. Whereas Mustafa along with two other actors will be playing the robbers.

All the three robbers, alongside the Professor, will have a unique dimension, with all working together for a hidden motive of personal gains.”

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The insider further commented,

“Abbas Mustan has been a master at adapting international thrillers, and in the same way. They have brought in their flavor to the narrative of Three Monkeys.”

The shooting has been started; Arjun Rampal also shared a selfie on Instagram with the caption “Lights camera action. Onset again. A new journey begins.”

Fingers crossed, don’t know what’s coming in our way as this would be the remake and there are some chances that Abbas Mustan will pull off in their style.

Previously rumors spread all over the internet back in the day that SRK will choose Fawad Khan for the professor’s role. But SRK’s project isn’t in progress and there’s no news regarding that specific remake.

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